Luca De Giglio

Web3 in Travel Consultant

In Crypto since 2013

Expert in Tokenization, NFTs and DeFi

Luca De Giglio

Web3 in Travel Consultant

In Crypto since 2013

Expert in Tokenization, NFTs and DeFi

My Services
Web3 in Travel

I'm at the forefront of the industry's transition to Web3


I will help you with tokenization strategies


NFTs can be used in a wide array of circumstances. We haven't yet scratched the surface of their potential, especially the text-based dynamic ones (as with SVGs).
I have deeply studied and experimented NFTs in Travel.


As CEXs have shown their vulnerabilities, DeFi is poised to come back as a first class citizen of the financial, and non-financial, world.
I have been in DeFi since 2019.

Pools and Dexes

I will help you to set up Liquidity Pools and define Decentralized Exchanges strategies on any chain you may need them.


Need to keep your cryptocurrencies and NFTs safe? A multisig solution is probably the best bet.
I am a SAFE governance delegate and know the app well.


Smart Contracts Audits are expensive and may take a long time.
Choosing the right company to work with, is of the utmost importance. I will help you with that.

Digital Lands

I will help you in the creation of digital lands or buying some, to create your business on top of them.


Raising in the crypto space?
You will need a coherent token offering for the investors.

Public Speaking

I regularly speak at travel and crypto related conferences, and even organized one.

If you need a great speaker, get in touch.

Web3 Gaming

I have been involved in Web3 Gaming with a company I have been advising since 2021 and accumulated a deep understanding of this nascent industry


I'm the Host of the "Web3 in Travel Podcast", the first in the industry


I launched my DAO in 2017, and accumulated a lot of experience and insight, I can share with you.

Interesting Facts
In Bitcoin since 2013
In Ethereum since 2017
First DAO launched in 2017
I did the first NFT booking in the world in 2021
Blockchain Resume
Bitcon holder
2013 - Present
Bitcon holder

I bought my first Bitcoin at $400 and studied the technology ever since

Ethereum user
2017 - present
Ethereum user

I've been working full time in Ethereum related tech since 2017

DAO builder
2017 - present
DAO builder

I built a DAO in 2017 and I've been developing it ever since

2021 - present
NFT experimenter
New York

In 2021 I started thinking about NFTs as travel related digital assets and launched several projects

2019 - present
Defi OG

I was part of the DeFi summer of 2020, discovered Uniswap in 2019 and rode the Sushiswap rollercoaster since the beginning

  • Tokenization
  • NFTs
  • Web3 in Travel
  • Treasury
  • Etherscan (and similar)
  • DeFi
  • EVM Smart Contracts
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • PHP
  • Smart Contracts
  • Js

Public Speaking

I regularly speak about Web3 at international events.
Contact me for public speaking engagements.

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